Success Stories

Making a Difference

A Patient’s Story

What brought you to the Free Clinic?

I was employed with Hallmark for 25 years before retiring to stay home and care for my stepfather. After his health improved, I moved to Culpeper in 2010 to live with my daughter and her family, and I could no longer afford health insurance or the medications I needed.

How has the Free Clinic made a difference in your life?

Help from the Clinic has taken a financial burden off me. Now, I can afford my medications.  And, from the moment I walked in the door, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. When I met the nurse practitioner, Bernadette, I fell in love! She took an interest in my health that no physician ever had. Because she listened to my concerns and ordered tests, we learned that I had a mass on my kidney. As one could imagine, I was very upset and crying, but the nurse comforted me and assured me that the Clinic would help me take care of my health.  I was put at ease and made to feel like a member of their family. Thankfully, a biopsy revealed the mass was a benign cyst.

What does the future hold for you?

It will be a sad day when I turn 65 and qualify for Medicare because I will no longer be able to receive services from the Clinic. I want to give back to the Clinic now, to show how grateful I am for everything that was done for me. After working 25 years in retail, I miss being with people and want to volunteer at the Clinic to make the patients feel just as welcome and worthy as I did the 1st day I walked in.

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