As the year ends, the Free Clinic of Culpeper is feeling incredibly grateful to all of our donors.

Recently we received an anonymous donation specifically for new flooring for the clinic. As we work so hard to make sure we have everything in place to provide the best possible care for our patients, we often are unable to move renovations up the list to be completed. This donation allowed us to do that.

We are hoping our patients understand how important it is to the staff and volunteers that patients have a medical office to come to where they feel, comfortable, safe and valued. We feel the recent updates to the clinic contribute to this along with the high quality care we strive to provide them.

We are thankful to all of our donors for playing a role in this goal. We are also hoping the anonymous donor sees this post and knows how much the upgrade means to our staff, volunteers and most of all, our patients!

Our thanks also to Novant Health UVA Culpeper Medical Center maintenance staff for their monumental assistance with this project. They provided a fresh coat of paint to the interior walls and hours of help moving desks and file cabinets, exam tables and more so the flooring could be installed. And last but not least, we are grateful to Genoa Pharmacy for helping us keep our medications safe and secure as the project was underway.

A look at the new flooring and freshly painted interior of the clinic

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