Patient Stories

Here at the Clinic we provide medical treatment for many types of illnesses, both acute — such as bronchitis — and chronic — such as diabetes or heart disease. We also offer regular check-ups. Our patients are provided with educational information and opportunities to learn preventive maintenance for medical conditions such as diabetes, weight control, and hypertension. We are grateful to patients who are willing to share their Clinic experience in a personal story. Their generosity helps inform our community of the scope of Clinic services, supporting our outreach efforts to residents of Culpeper County who do not have health insurance.

Meet Jack

A new patient who visits with a minor skin complaint ultimately receives a diagnosis that will require regular skin scans.

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Meet Maria

Maria, a young mother and widow, has focused on maintaining her own health for the benefit of her family by using clinic resources.

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Meet Ruthie

In May of 2021, Ruthie found herself at the end of her emotional strength.
Due to COVID, she had been laid off from her position in an office a few months before. She was struggling with anxiety, depression and severe back pain.

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Meet José

Meet José, who visited the Clinic for the physical and immunizations required for his college entry.

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Meet Jennie

The clinic supports many members of our community who are struggling to manage serious health challenges. Jennie, a patient of the clinic, recently shared how she is facing health issues with the clinic’s assistance.

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Meet Brenda

Brenda’s job severely impacted her health, yet with support from the Free Clinic and Powell Wellness Center, combined with her own strong will, she has made great strides toward regaining her health.

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Meet Karen

Karen and her husband have been patients at the hospital since the Clinic was a completely volunteer program at the Health Department.  Karen developed cardiomyopathy (which causes the heart muscle to become enlarged, thick or rigid), and this condition was diagnosed by the Clinic several years ago.

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Meet John

Free Clinic patient John has worked full time as a cook for many years. He stands on concrete all day, beginning at 4:00 am when he arrives at work. Before visiting the Free Clinic, John had not seen a doctor in 20 years because he’s never had health insurance.

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