Free Clinic staff and one of our veteran volunteers participated in training for the free Dementia Friendly Culpeper initiative created by Aging Together. Aging Together is a non profit working to ensure that residents in its service area will have the services and supports they need as they age (the service area includes Culpeper, Rappahannock, Fauquier, Madison and Orange counties).
In partnership with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, Aging Together developed the Dementia Friendly Culpeper program for businesses and organizations. The program includes a free 30-minute information session and workforce training to establish dementia friendly approaches and strategies that will help people living with dementia. A growing number of Culpeper businesses – 42 as of mid January! – have participated in the sessions. Feeling welcomed and understood may encourage those with dementia, a disease which can lead to a propensity to isolate and remain at home, to get out and enjoy community services and interaction.
We are proud to have the Dementia Friendly Business sticker on our front door!


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