In May of 2021, Ruthie found herself at the end of her emotional strength.

Due to COVID, she had been laid off from her position in an office a few months before. She was struggling with anxiety, depression and severe back pain.

With no insurance and limited funds, she was stuck and unsure where to turn.

In desperation, she called a community agency for assistance. They recommended she get in touch with the Free Clinic.

When Ruthie visited the Free Clinic, she was given some medications to help with the back pain and emotional pain, which Ruthie says helped some. She was also referred to physical therapy, which she states helped a lot!

Ruthie continues to work towards feeling strong emotionally. When asked what she feels the clinic has done for her she says, “The clinic gave me hope. I was stuck in my house with so much emotional and physical pain. When I started at the clinic, the staff gave me compassion and support and helped me begin moving forward again.”

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