Karen and her husband have been patients at the hospital since the Clinic was a completely volunteer program at the Health Department.  Karen developed cardiomyopathy (which causes the heart muscle to become enlarged, thick or rigid), and this condition was diagnosed by the Clinic several years ago.  She just knew that she felt something in her chest and when she came in to get it checked out the provider told her she needed to see a cardiologist right away.  Now her condition is maintained by medication. Unfortunately, she can’t get her primary medication through any of the Clinic resources. However, Patient Care Coordinator Becca Buncie told her about the Good Rx website where Karen can find the cheapest medication and often get a coupon online to  help reduce the price even further.  Karen likes to know about her health options and previously would research on her own where to get the best price by calling all the local pharmacies.  She appreciates that Becca informed her of an easier way to be a smart shopper for her medication.
Karen was in recently because she got behind on her annual preventive exams: her women’s health exam, labs and mammogram. She also needed her annual flu shot.  She left the Clinic with orders for labs, pap and mammogram. Her mammogram will be paid for by the Pamper Me Pink fund through Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center.
Karen will now focus on getting her husband in for his annual check up.  She appreciates that they are relatively healthy and that the Clinic has been here for them for so long.  As part time farmers who work other jobs (Karen is also an in-home care worker), staying healthy is critical to them so they can continue to support themselves.
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